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SERVICE CALL UPDATE: June 16, 2022.  Our in-home service call list has reached over 25 PAGES.  Due to such a lengthy backlog, we have CLOSED the queue list and will NO LONGER ADD ANY ADDITIONAL CUSTOMERS at this time.  We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to catch up.  With such a backlog, parts on back order and other delays from COVID, we are unsure of when we will be accepting new in-home service calls. If you are already in the queue we will call you once we have reached your name.  We are not offering updates on current list placements unless you have the exact date you called and were added to the queue.  Please check back for more updates.

Trust your time to our craftsmanship.  With over 40 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, The Clock Shop of Richmond offers unparalleled service on most timepieces and clocks — from minor adjustments to complete mechanical restorations.  You can trust that your clock will be handled with care as it travels to our clock shop or to your home or office.

For your convenience, we offer home and office service calls in Richmond and surrounding counties for grandfather/tall case clocks only. All other clocks/items must be brought to us for estimates and repairs.  Due to COVID, we have a backlog of in-home service calls. Wait times will be a year or more. We are happy to add you to our queue and call, once we have availability. Your patience and understanding is appreciated. 

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2022 there will be a $10.00 estimate fee per item brought in. This fee does not apply to watches in need of battery replacements only. 

All repairs performed on your timepiece include a 1 year warranty. *Repairs picked up by the customer are “In-shop” warranty only.  If a service call is requested, for Grandfather & Tall Case clocks only, there will be an additional service charge. 

Clock Services:

Antique, vintage and modern:                                                               

Grandfather, Wall, Desk, Mantel, & Cuckoo Clocks
Clock restoration (Installation of brass bushings, polishing of pivots, etc.)
Part replacements or repairs 
Cleaning in ultrasonic cleaning solution, oiling and adjusting
Quartz Clocks (Battery powered)
Quartz Conversion (Converting to a battery powered movement in a mechanical or electric clock. This may require new hands and other parts, etc.) 

Please note: The Clock Shop of Richmond is not responsible for items (keys, original manuals, or loosely fitting finials/case parts, pictures, etc.) left inside and or with goods dropped off.  If you are in need of a key please bring the clock with you so we can match your clock with the best fitting key. There are more than 15 different sizes of keys and some winding arbors do become worn. Do not use keys that fit “loosely” on the winding arbors. 

Some of the Clock Brand Names We Fix:
Boston Clock Company, Ansonia, Waterbury, Chelsea, Ingraham, Kroeber, Gilbert, Seth Thomas, Hermle, Junghans, Tiffany & Company, Herschede, Waltham, Enfield, Urgos, Welch, Ridgeway, Kieninger, New Haven, Sessions, Gustav Becker, Lenzkirch, Kienzle, Pearl, Heritage, Sligh, Hentschel, Swedish Mora & others, Emperor, Tall & Long Case clocks… and more!

We DO NOT work on the following items:
Wooden works, Atmos, Anniversary/400 day, Saw tooth, Battery operated cuckoo clocks, Melody in motion clocks (Seiko, Rhythm, etc.), quartz alarms, Time clocks, Electric items (including clocks and car clocks), Music boxes, Victrolas

Looking for a licensed appraisal? We can refer you upon request.  

We offer consignment on grandfather/tall case clocks only. This is a limited service and depends on the style/make of your clock. Approval must be made before the clock is brought in. Clocks that we sell include a 1 year warranty so, any needed repairs will also be included in the selling price. Please note, depending on the clock, it may not sell right away, and could take years for the right buyer to come in.

Need a battery for your watch?  Bring it in any time we are open!  Most watch batteries can be done while you wait.  3 or more and we will take them in, issue you a claim ticket and call once they are completed.  Some watches, however, are more difficult as they have small screws and have to be done by our watchmaker. Those items would also be taken in. Prices range from be $12 to $75.  Due to unpredictable customer volume, your items may need to be taken in. You will be given a claim ticket and called once your item(s) has been completed. We will only install batteries supplied by us. Please note: Due to such an influx of “walk-ins” for watch batteries, we are limiting the amount to 5 PER CUSTOMER, per visit. This also includes watches brought in for estimates. Effective January 1, 2022 there will be a $10.00 estimate fee per item brought in. This fee does not apply to watches in need of battery replacements only.

Watch Services:
Antique, Vintage and Modern
Mechanical, Battery, or Automatic
Pocket Watches
Battery Replacement** 
Band replacement, repairs, sizing, and link adjustments                                                                                                                          Crystal replacements & installations
Complete watch overhauls (disassembling, cleaning in ultrasonic cleaning solution, reassembling, oiling, adjusting, testing)                                           

Parts on some watches are limited and may be unavailable. Some brands we will not take in, even for battery replacements. Please note that there are no parts available for faux/reproduction watches. Aftermarket parts may be used to replace some parts and for watches that are no longer being made. 

EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2022, we will be charging a $10.00 estimate fee on all items. This fee does not apply to watches in need of battery replacements only.

*Timekeeping is not warrantied and is the responsibility of the owner to make any necessary adjustments. We warrant only that new parts are free of mfg. defect.  No other warranties apply and are expressly disclaimed.  Repairs/property that is not picked up after 60 days incur storage fees of $35/month and may be deemed abandoned.  Any court/lawyer fees associated with an attempt to collect funds will be the customer’s responsibility.  The Clock Shop of Richmond reserves all rights under Virginia Code § 46.2-644.02 & § 46.2-644.03.

**The Clock Shop of Richmond is not responsible for worn watch parts that go bad/break or watches with thin bezels that result in a broken crystal.  Please speak with one of our horologists for more information.