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Clock keys, winding cranks

There are more than 15 different sizes of keys and winding cranks.  

DO NOT use keys that fit “loosely” on the winding arbors.  This can allow click springs/mainsprings to let go.  Please let us know if you are in need of a key? 

Some clocks require a separate, smaller sized key for adjusting the timekeeping.

If you are only in need of a key to wind you clock, please bring the clock with you so we can fit your clock with a proper key.  Winding arbors do become worn over time and the size may vary from the original.   

Door Keys

Modern grandfather clock door keys are available.  They sell for $35 +tax, each.  Many different companies have manufactured locks and keys.  We are unable to guarantee that they will fit.  Please keep your receipt in case you need to return it.

Skeleton Keys are not longer being made.  Check with your local Locksmith.

We do not have replacement door keys available for older/Antique grandfathers.                                        

Suspension Springs 

We have numerous suspensions springs available for purchase.  Prices range from $10 – $75

We DO NOT carry or sell 400 day/Anniversary clock suspension springs.

Please note, we may need your clocks movement number and/or other information in order to sell you a proper, replacement. 

If your clock is due for maintenance/repairs (due every 2-3 years), we WILL NOT just install a replacement suspension spring.  Any maintenance due will be quoted along with the price to install the suspension spring.  We do not offer “Part & Piece Work.”  

Parts for Weights

We sell a limited assortment of weight shell caps, ends, hooks & bottoms.  There are many older styles that are no longer manufactured or being made.  Some originals may not be available and a replacement will have to be custom made.

Chains are also available in limited sizes.  We will need to know the thickness, and links per square foot from on your original chains.  If you do not have the originals we will need to know who manufactured the movement and the model number.  Again, some chains are no longer manufactured and replacements may not be available.  

Clock Oil 

Clock oil is lighter than sewing machine oil.  No other lubricants or other types of oil should be used on watches or clocks.  We sell clock oilers with a long needle at the end so all the clock pivots can be reached and lubricated properly.  They sell for $15 + tax.  Please call to confirm they are in stock.  

Clock/Watch Springs

We do not sell springs for clocks or watches.  

Other Parts

We do not sell small screws.  Please visit your local hardware store for assistance.

We do not offer any other parts for sale.  Please reference an online search for any other parts or ask one of our horologists for assistance. 

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